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Spring is just around the corner, and you will start to see little blooms popping open.  As for your yard, you could have something starting to bloom, whether it’s a yellow forsythia, pink flowering almond or lilacs. As for trees you could see many varieties of crabapples, plums, cherries and many, many more.  Some perennials that you will start seeing are all colors of creeping phlox, pink soapwort and white candytuft.  If you don’t have any flowers by mid-April, you are missing out on the spring fever.


There are many different varieties of forsythia.  Here are a few to choose from:

Arnold’s Dwarf, yellow flowers. Height: two-to-three feet. Spacing: two-to-three feet.

Gold Tide, yellow flowers, feathery lime green foliage. Height: 24-to-30 inches. Spacing: four feet.

Meadowlark, yellow flowers. Height: eight-to-ten feet. Spacing: six-to-eight feet.

Pink Flowering Almonds, double pink carnation like flowers. Height: five-to-six feet. Spacing: four-to-five feet.

Varieties of lilacs include:

Sensation, purple with white edges.  Height: eight-to-ten feet. Spacing: eight-to-ten feet.

Miss Canada, bright pink and fragrant. Height: six-to-nine feet. Spacing: five-to-eight feet.

Miss Kim, pale lavender flowers.  Height: five-to-six feet. Spacing four-to-five feet.

Wonderblue, sky blue flowers. Height: four-to-five feet. Spacing: five-to-six feet.

Varieties of crabapples are as follows:

Candymint, single pink flowers outlined with red, and purple-green foliage. Height: eight-to-ten feet. Spacing: 15-to-18 feet.

Brandywine, double pink flowers and silver bark. Height: 20 feet. Spacing: 20 feet.

Spring Snow, white flowers, fruitless. Height: 20-to-25 feet. Spacing: 15-to-20 feet.

Radiant, deep red-pink flowers. Height: 20-to-25 feet. Spacing: 20-to-25 feet.

Varieties of plums include:

American, small tree or large shrub with white flowers in spring and yellow fall color.  Height: 15-to-20 feet. Spacing: 10-to-12 feet.

Newport, reddish-purple foliage, with light pink flowers. Height: 20-to-25 feet. Spacing 15-to-18 feet.

Varieties of cherries include:

Kwanzan, vase-shaped rosy pink double flowers. Height: 20-to-25 feet. Spacing: 20 feet.

Snow Fountain Weeping, abundant white flowers, fruitless. Height: 12-to-15 feet. Spacing: six-to-eight feet.

Some spring perennials to choose from include:

Creeping Phlox, spreading mounds of needle-like foliage with abundant blue, pink, red and white star-like flowers. Height: four-to-six inches.

Soapwort, green trailing foliage with small pink flowers. Height: eight-to-twelve inches.

Candytuft, evergreen foliage with white long lasting flower clusters. Height: nine-to-twelve inches.

These are just some of the spring fever flowers. There are hundreds of trees, shrubs and perennials that bloom in the spring. Once spring is over, the transition into summer is very easy.  To achieve the fullest amount of enjoyment out of your landscape, you should have full year color.  

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