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A woman who continued to lock two feces-covered children in a room without supervision for five days has been charged along with the mother, who asked her to lie about it.

Victoria Louis was cited on suspicion of two counts of misdemeanor child abuse Wednesday, according to Fountain Police Sgt. Scott Gilbertsen. The mother of the children, Fort Carson Sgt. Kanesha Godin, 25, remains in jail on suspicion of felony child abuse.

Louis said she had been checking on the children at 6 p.m. every day since Godin left on March 3 for a two-week stay in North Carolina, according to court records. Louis said Godin told her she was there to "give the babysitter a break," by feeding the children TV dinners, changing their diapers, filling their sippy cups with water and then locking them back inside the bedroom. The ages of the children were redacted from records.

Louis said she followed the request "assuming the babysitter would go back over to the apartment shortly after she left," records said. Louis never saw or talked to the babysitter, who she was told was a neighbor.

Louis said she also "did not judge others on how they live" when she noticed the bedroom she left the children in was covered in feces.

Two fellow soldiers called police after meeting Louis at the home on Wellington Street and found the nearly naked children in a room littered with dirty diapers and with feces smeared over them, their bedding and the walls, records said. The thermostat read 90 degrees, there was no food or cups in the room, and "the stench in the room was overwhelming," the men told police.

The children appeared to be malnourished, but details on their condition was redacted from records.

After being questioned by the police, Godin reportedly asked Louis and a neighbor to do her "a favor" by lying about who was watching her children.

The neighbor told police Godin texted her on March 9 asking her to "vouch" that she was watching the kids during the day. The woman said she had watched Godin's children in the past but had not seen them since December.

"They r guna take my kids and throw me in jail and I did nothing wrong," Godin texted the neighbor, according to records. "I kno it's weird and a lot but I just want to ask u tht favor."

Godin also sent Louis a text:

"I know wat I told u as far as the kids but plz say tht u were confused about who was supposed to stay the night. Cus if u don't say tht I'm guna b charged with child neglect. ... They are guna take the kids."

Godin ended the conversation by saying, "Erase these messages."

The children are now with their father, who said he and Godin had been estranged for over a year.

Godin and Louis are stationed at Fort Carson.

Godin is a logistical specialist in the 10th Special Forces Group, as is Louis, according to their military records.

Godin, an Iraq veteran, and Louis had each earned the Army's Commendation and Achievement medals.


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