'Fearless Girl' has a message

In reference to the article "Bull sculptor wants 'Fearless Girl' gone," perhaps Arturo Di Modica is missing the point. The original intent of the "Fearless Girl" may have been commercial, but I can tell you that the internet sees her as challenging the icon of Wall Street, as if to say, "Money isn't everything!"

As an artist, Di Modica must realize that great art often takes on meanings that the artist never intended. Consider the arguments over the years about Mona Lisa's smile - surely Leonardo Da Vinci never intended to create a centurieslong furor, yet there it is.

And I would note that it is a group of lawyers that is demanding the removal of "Fearless Girl." With apologies to those practicing the profession honorably, Wall Street lawyers have a certain reputation that their removal campaign spotlights. The "Fearless Girl" has a message for us all. Leave her where she is to continue to challenge the bull!

Timothy K. Roberts

By what right do we strike?

When Jesus came to Jerusalem, he looked over the city and wept, "Would that even today you knew the things that make for peace! But now they are hid from your eyes."

As we enter Holy Week 2017, Jesus' tears still fall with regard to the war in Syria and the U.S. missile strike there last week. The things that make for peace are hidden from our eyes, hidden by blindness brought on by revulsion, ignorance, arrogance and power. We are repulsed -sickened and angered - when we see and hear what sarin gas did to citizens of Khan Shiekhun, Syria, especially its children. The bombing's effect was, in the words of President Donald Trump, "horrible."

We are repulsed. The revulsion, though, may cause us to be blind in response. The second cause of peace-blindness is ignorance. While we may know that something horrible happened, we do not know why. Was it an accident of war? Stupidity on someone's part? An intentional provocation? The latter, however, makes no sense since Bashar Assad was winning his ghastly war. We don't know why the attack happened. We are blinded by ignorance.

Thirdly, we are arrogant enough to think we know how to respond to the atrocity. Just like we knew how to handle the supposed weapons of mass destruction in Iraq 14 years ago . and look what that combination of ignorance and arrogance wrought: the whole Middle East in flaming chaos today.

And, then, fourthly, we are blinded by America's ready-to-hand power. We are ever ready to rely on the tool of military might.

Does anyone ever take the time to ask, "By what right may the United States do such things?" Not by right of international law, nor by mandate of the United Nations. Not by ruling of the World Court. Not by NATO agreement or consultation with Mideast leaders. Not by allowance of the U.S. Constitution. And certainly, not by divine right of kings - or a president. No. It's just by right of revulsion, ignorance, arrogance and power that we send down missiles. So Jesus weeps again.

James W. White
Colorado Springs