photo - Thirteen new pickleball courts were opened in Monument Valley Park after a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday, August 26, 2014. Photo courtesy of Mike Hess
Thirteen new pickleball courts were opened in Monument Valley Park after a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday, August 26, 2014. Photo courtesy of Mike Hess 

Another good investment

My husband and I play pickleball and appreciate the help the City Council provided to complete the 14 pickleball courts in Monument Valley Park. Like the U.S. Olympic Museum supporters, Pikes Peak Pickleball raised some of the money. Pickleball is a fast-growing nationwide sport. Tournaments will bring many tourist dollars into the local economy. It was part of the State Games last year.

Thank you, Colorado Springs City Council for your support. It was a good investment. Now, please extend that same wise support by giving LART funds for another very deserving group - The U.S. Olympic Museum. Our area and state will benefit 100 times over the investment of $500,000.

Janice E. Brewington

Colorado Springs


Misguided government policies

Lisa Butler's recent letter really resonated with me. From its contents, I am reasonably certain that we are close to the same generation, and assuredly of the same mindset. She perfectly and eloquently expressed the misgivings I am feeling. Our Congress must act strongly and swiftly to address the business of this country and put aside all thoughts of how their actions will affect their next campaign. The urgency to get the seeds of racism, misogyny, isolationism and violence weeded out of our society is now, and the desperate condition of our infrastructure calls for hard work and immediacy. It seems our recent leadership styles harken back to the days when "Nero fiddled while Rome burned."

Our children need and deserve every measure of education, health and protection we can give them or the future is lost. I do wonder how much money ICE spent arresting the two parents for deportation who recently made the news. Their victimless "crimes" don't begin to warrant their treatment - our law enforcement community should be using all their resources to track down, arrest and incarcerate or deport the vile criminals who do so much harm to our society with their drugs and murderous natures.

The children left behind in both instances are the true victims of the ICEs' misguided policy. I accept that the parents broke the law, but we should adjudicate with compassion instead of harshness, considering the impact these decisions make.

I used to identify myself as a Democrat but switched to the Republican Party midlife and now feel I have no choice at all. The absurdity of this administration and its fumbling, dishonest, self-serving behavior is absolutely beyond the pale and the last administration went too far in overreaching the powers given them, so I feel total antipathy for them both.

We, as citizens, have to shoulder the blame for the current state of affairs and do whatever is necessary to remedy it both at the ballot box and on the streets. Keep marching and protesting.

Carol Bishop

Colorado Springs


Just plain old hate speech

It took me a couple day's to gag down the diatribe that appeared on last Wednesday's OP/ED page, complements of Lisa Butler. It was kind of like that train wreck you don't really want to see, but can't help watching anyway.

The longer I thought about most of the assertions she made in her letter, it became clear to me that it was just plain old hate speech! Nothing more, nothing less! Our president is a "bigoted, misogynist who encourages discrimination?" "Thousands have taken his views as carte blanche to kill and burn places of worship?" "We now have over 100 recognized hate groups, up from 30 just a few years ago?" Unbelievable! All the civil rights, and gay rights talk really can't hide the fact that most of it was just hate speech. I wonder Ms. Butler's letter would have looked like had Hillary Clinton been elected?

Randy Pierce

Colorado Springs


Carrier passionate about his work

Several years ago we moved into the Kissing Camels neighborhood and I was introduced to a Gazette mail carrier by the name of Howard Pudder. After a short time, we found Howard to be a devoted and dedicated man who took pride in every aspect of his job. I witnessed over the years a man who through thick and thin quietly approached our home, got out of his vehicle and placed the paper against our front door.

I recall after moving into our home, having a concern that on many early morning flights my paper would not arrive before I had to leave to catch my plane. Howard quickly put that concern to rest as time and time again in the wee early morning hours I saw Howard's headlights coming up the drive. I never knew Howard personally, just an exchange of cards at Christmas time but I knew him as a man who was passionate about his work and someone who always did his very best at what he did. In a day and age where everyone fights over everything and seeks to gain an edge, I found Howard to be someone the rest of the world should try and emulate. Thank you for your dedicated service these last years and a job well done. Rest In Peace, Howard.

Ray McElhaney

Colorado Springs


Only time will tell

You may remember that I pointed out to you shortly after the last election that we had been snookered by 2C as the city was using road improvement funds to improve gutters and curbs (drainage improvements). While the city stopped displaying the signs touting how pleased they were that a particular improvement was part of 2C, they did in fact continue to misuse funds for drainage improvements, and to "blackwash" roads that needed no fixing at all, while totally ignoring the streets that truly needed fixing. Think of Pikes Peak between Union and downtown for instance.

At that time I also told you that I voted for keeping excess revenue and against new taxes. I have decided to again vote for the city to keep excess revenue. Had there been a tax increase request, I would have voted against it.

I want to believe that our most recent presidential election has impressed upon them the need to stop lying to us.

Only time will tell.

Kenneth Duncan

Colorado Springs