In a couple years, when Chad Bettis is an established, veteran anchor on the Rockies pitching staff, we will look back and marvel at how he got there.

The news that his testicular cancer has spread is another detour to that destination.

"During my routine health checkup last week, my oncologist believed that he had seen inflamed lymph nodes and ordered an immediate biopsy," Bettis said Friday. "I learned this week that my testicular cancer has unexpectedly spread, and I will begin a regimen of chemotherapy in the very near future."

Bettis, who will continue cancer treatments in Arizona, is going to beat this. You can be sure of that not because of his determined statement, or because it's the feel-good thing to say, or because doctors found the cancer early in the process, last November. You can be sure of that because when I asked about his wife's reaction to the news, Bettis broke down; and his parents' reaction, he broke down; and knowing Chad and Kristina have a baby girl on the way, he broke down.

Bettis knows he has the best support system possible. He's grateful, thankful, and everyone in the Rockies organization knows he's going to fight.

"Chad's a good guy to count on," general manager Jeff Bridich said.

Bettis is a Texas guy, 27 and the de facto captain of the Rockies pitching rotation.

“Although my blood tumor markers remain at normal levels, it's clear that I need to be aggressive in my fight against this illness. Without being proactive, we wouldn't have caught this," he said. “I am committed to beating this cancer. My family and I are grateful for the support of the Major League Baseball Players Association, the Rockies organization and the fans.”

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