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Days after the Colorado Springs Police Foundation said it was doing final fundraising to equip officers with a new tactical vests, the scams started.

People pretending to represent the organization have been calling residents directly, asking for money, the foundation said Thursday.

Real organization representatives would never do that, Executive Director Nicole Magic Soto said. The organization does not solicit donations through phone calls or the mail, she said.

"Calls have been placed recently from 719-387-8128 and 719-235-5895," Soto said. "If you receive calls from either of these numbers, or other numbers where people claim to represent Police Foundation, please know the calls are not from us."

Residents can report suspected scams by emailing the police foundation at

Residents wanting to help the foundation raise money to equip at least 375 more officers with "potentially life-saving equipment" can make donations on the foundation's secure website, at


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