photo - Luis Pineda-Lara
Luis Pineda-Lara 

Colorado Springs police have found a man who, earlier this month, shot his cousin five times in the head to avoid repaying a $500 debt, according to court documents.

The cousin apparently survived and police say accused shooter Luis Pineda-Lara, 27, was found Tuesday by Mexican immigration authorities and turned over to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

According to court documents, the shooting happened April 9 when police were called to the Pinions apartment complex, 3603 Airport Road, about 4 a.m. to check on a man "covered in blood" wandering around outside. They found Selvin Miranda with an apparent gunshot wound to the head.

Miranda's age is unknown, records show.

Hospital staff later said Miranda was shot five times, with two bullets penetrating his skull and the three others grazing his head. He was unable to speak with officers, records said.

Details of the shooting didn't emerge until about 12 hours later, when one of Miranda's roommates called police to report him missing and "blood throughout the apartment."

Police said there was blood in the bathtub and in a bedroom, where they also found two teeth records said.

The roommate said he got worried after Pineda-Lara texted him asking if Miranda was home and said "I tagged him with two shots. I don't know if he'll die."

Later, Pineda-Lara asked "Have you heard anything?" and said "So I can go to Honduras," records said. The context surrounding the conversation was not provided.

While police were searching the apartment, Pineda-Lara texted the roommate again, saying, "Don't say" and "We are cousins," records said.

The roommate told police he knew Pineda-Lara owed Miranda $500 for bonding him out of jail and was "irritated" that Miranda had been asking for repayment.

A third roommate told police he and Miranda had gone out to the club the night before, returning home about 2 a.m. Sunday. Soon after, the man said Pineda-Lara, who is also his cousin, called him and told him to leave the apartment.

The roommate said he went looking for Pineda-Lara and returned to find him outside the apartment telling him, "Don't go in. Let's go. Let's go," records said.

The roommate said he walked in and saw blood, but not Miranda, and left. The man asked about the blood, but said Pineda-Lara told him, "Don't pay attention to it. You're just seeing things," and asked him if he'd heard "the gunshots," records said.

Miranda is believed to have survived the shooting. He was not listed as a patient at either local hospital, Tuesday, and was not included in El Paso County Coroner records.

NOTE: This story was updated on April 19 to correct the name of the agency that now has Luis Pineda-Lara in custody. He was turned over to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.


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